Marvin Developer's Guide

  1. Parameters
    1. Applet only parameters
  2. Events fired by the JavaBean
    1. Action events
    2. Property change events
  1. Parameters
    1. Applet only parameters
    2. 3D and animation
    3. Molecule tables
      1. layoutn
      2. paramn
      3. celln
  2. Events fired by the JavaBean
  3. Troubleshooting - MView and JMView tables
General documentation
Platform dependence

User's Guide

MarvinSketch Examples

  1. Simple sketcher
    1. The <applet> tag; preparing for different browsers; the ARCHIVE option
    2. Colors
    3. Alternative look
  2. Query atoms, extra bond types, disallowing elements, extra templates
  3. Visualization, loading molecules
    1. Loading a molecule and starting in visualization mode; the magnification
    2. Inline, compressed molfiles
    3. Triggering molfile download from JavaScript, naming the applet
    4. Import/export of built-in and user defined molecule formats in JavaScript; preloading modules
    5. Pure visualization mode; detaching the sketcher from the web page
    6. Opening a sketcher window from visualization mode

MarvinView Examples

  1. Viewing a molecule
    1. The <applet> tag
    2. Compression, color, magnification, atom size, hydrogen labels
  2. Molecule tables
    1. Making a molecule table
    2. Labels, buttons, images, scrolling
    3. Fine-tuning the layout
    4. Checkboxes, JavaScripting, CGI scripting
    5. Background colors, 3D, rotation
  3. 3D viewer
    1. Viewing a 3D molecule
    2. XYZ animations
  4. Editable table, selection, templates
  5. Changing contents, selecting atoms
  6. Coloring atom and bond sets
  7. Visualizing configurations

JavaTM Web Start Examples

  1. Introduction
  2. MarvinSketch Example
  3. MarvinView Example

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