MarvinView Example 3.2

A molecular dynamic simulation of thermal motion of a segment of protein alpha helix is shown in this example. The simulation is provided by Raul E. Cachau <>.

The animSync parameter is used to synchronize the animation in the two cells. The spin1 parameter sets the spinning rate and axis for the right cell.
<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.1" SRC="../../marvin.js"></script>
<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.1">
mview_begin("../..", 561, 300);
mview_param("molbg", "#000000");
mview_param("atomSymbolsVisible", "false");
mview_param("animSync", "true");
mview_param("spin1", "30,1,-1,0");
mview_param("navmode", "rot3d");
mview_param("rendering", "spacefill");
mview_param("rows", "1");
mview_param("cols", "2");
mview_param("border", "1");
mview_param("layout", ":2:1:M:1:0:1:1:L:0:0:1:1:c:n:1:1");
mview_param("param", ":M:280:280:L:10b");
mview_param("cell0", ":../../mols-3d/ atoms");
mview_param("cell1", ":../../mols-3d/ atoms only");
mview_param("preload", "Threedim,Spacefill," // MSIE 5-6/built-in JVM freezing
+"GzipImport,XyzImport,BondsFromCoords");    // bug workaround
  1. This animation does not work in Netscape versions earlier than 4.0 because Java 1.1 is needed for unpacking the gzipped files.
  2. The preload parameter is only required if the applet may be used with Microsoft's Java virtual machine (instead of Sun's Java Plug-in) in MSIE 5-6, because of a freezing bug in this old JVM.

So far, all the MarvinView examples have been about viewing only. It is also possible to edit cells in tables.