MarvinView Example 3.1

All 3D molecules in the viewer start to rotate automatically if the animate parameter is set to all. The user can stop rotation from the menu (right click the mouse) by unchecking Animate.

Normally, the default mouse drag action is "rotation in 2D" (about Z, the axis that is orthogonal to the screen). For 3D molecules, "rotation in 3D" (about an axis in the XY plane) would be a better choice. If you specify "rot3d" as navmode, then this will be the mouse drag action.
However, the user can change it from the menu.

The rendering style is specified as "ball & stick", instead of the default wireframe. This can also be changed at runtime, using the Style submenu.

The number of frames per second is 20 which is twice the default value. This makes the animation more continuous.

<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.1" SRC="../../marvin.js"></script>
<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.1">
mview_begin("../..", 200, 200);
mview_param("mol", "../../mols-3d/nci1683.csmol");
mview_param("molbg", "#000000");
mview_param("animate", "all");
mview_param("navmode", "rot3d");
mview_param("rendering", "ballstick");
mview_param("animFPS", "20");
Although this is not a user's guide, it might be worth mentioning that the user can translate and scale (zoom) the molecule even without using the menu: Ctrl + mouse drag is always translation, and Shift + mouse drag is always scaling.

Results of molecule dynamic simulations can also be viewed as animations.