Running Marvin Applets under Mac OS

This document summarizes our experiences with different browsers under Mac OS X and OS 9.

Mac OS X

Under Mac OS X 10.3, Safari 1.2 is recommended for Marvin Applets. In the earlier versions of OS X, the recommended browser is Netscape 6.2.x or 7.0x.

Each Mac OS X system contains a built-in Java (version 1.3.1 or later). This built-in Java is also called MRJ 3.x. Under this platform, most browsers use it for running applets. The following links provide more info about the features of these Java releases:

From OS X 10.2.3, Java 1.4.1 is available. After you upgrade from Java 1.3.1 to 1.4.1 the previous Java version is also available. Among the Java enabled browsers on this platform, only Safari supports 1.4.1. and above versions of Java. The others use either built-in Java or a plugin that only supports Java 1.3.1.

Netscape 6.2.1 - 7.02

The Netscape 6 family applies Apple's Java 1.3.1, which is built into OS X, for running applets. The latest version of this environment can also be downloaded. Different OS X versions may be distributed with different Java updates. There may be different shortcomings in the listed browsers depending on Apple's Java updates.

Netscape 7.1 / Mozilla 1.4

Version 7.1 is the latest release of Netscape which is based on Mozilla 1.4. They are not suggested for Marvin.

These browsers do not contain any built-in Java and the previous MRJ plugins are not compatible with them.

OS X 10.1.x

Netscape 7.1 and Mozilla 1.4 can not launch the Java applets on this platform because there are no Java plugin for them.

OS X 10.2.x

Netscape 7.1 and Mozilla 1.4 can automatically detect the built-in Java of OS X (only Java 1.3.1) for running applets.

Because of Java - JavaScript communication is not supported in these browsers we do not recommend them for the Marvin applets.

Safari 1.2

Safari 1.2 requires 10.3 or above versions of OS X. Java 1.4.2 is recommended for running Marvin applets.

Note: Safari 1.2 supports Java - JavaScript communication if Java 1.4.2 is installed.

Safari 1.0

Safari 1.0 recommends Java 1.4.1 for running applets.

Internet Explorer 5.x

Although Marvin applets run with IE5, we do not suggest using them with it.

Mac OS 9

Netscape 4.7x

Under Mac OS 9 Netscape 4.7x with built-in Java (without the MRJ plugin) is the recommended browser for Marvin. This browser includes a built-in Java (which uses AWT 1.0).

Netscape 6.2.1 - 7, Mozilla 1:

Mac OS 9 does not include a Java by default. Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) is required for running applets. Though these browsers have no built-in JVM; they can use the Java plugin. When you install one of these browsers, the installer automatically detects MRJ under OS and the browser uses it for running applets.

Internet Explorer 5.1:

As with Netscape 6, Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) is required for Internet Explorer to run applets. This browser also contains a few shortcomings.

Opera 5.0:

Like IE and Netscape 6.x, it also uses Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) for running applets. We do not recommend it, because this Opera distribution has most of the same bugs as Netscape and several other serious bugs.