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Jmol Web Page Maker Programming General Program Structure
(for those who wish to add a new page generator)

The user interface is generate by the Jmol_Web_Page_Maker routine.  It adds panels defined by routines in each of the objects that produce the web pages.  The main routine knows nothing about what these panels contain.

1) Each panel must have an event handler.
2) Each panel must generate the .html file based on the events that occur in its panel.
3) Each panel should send error messages and progress messages to the Log/Error panel using the LogPanel.Log("message") routine provided by the main program.

The basic structure of a new class that creates a panel and the .html page is (see existing code for necessary imports, etc.):

public class name extends JPanel implements ActionListener{

    //Internal variable declarations

    //The panel generator
    public JComponent Panel(){ //code goes here}
    //the action listener
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {//code goes here}

    //the .html generator.  Returns true on success.  Also throws IOExceptions to the action listener.
    //This could probably be a private routine as well.
    public boolean name of routine(variable list)
     throws IOException {//code goes here}

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