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last menu update: June 11, 2010

I have been developing tools for creating web pages that use the Jmol applet for live displays of molecules.  I began developing these because I wanted to reduce the amount of time I spend doing repetitive tasks and make it easier for my students and colleagues to make web pages that include live molecular displays.  I hope some of these tools may also make it easier for people to submit live molecular visualizations for inclusion in online publications.  The tools I have developed are:
  1. The "export to web..." dialog within the Jmol application.  To learn more about it see my tutorial on using it.  This project is continuing to be developed.
  2. The Jmol ColorPicker Widget provides a pop-up color picker which passes the user's chosen color to applet script commands that take color as a parameter.  It is now available as part of item 1, for background color picking.
  3. Some perl scripts and Java programs that I formerly used to convert between the output of MacMolPlt and Gaussian cube files.  Development of this project has ceased.  The old files are available here.
Last Update: June 11, 2010
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