Typographical Errors in the text "Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences", 2nd Ed.

These errors are in the printing that Dr. Gutow has a copy of. Newer printings may have different errors, or have these corrected.

Errors in the Body of the Text

  • Page 60, solution to example 1.5.  In the expression for enthalpy change the phase of the glucose should be 's' not 'g'.
  • Page 289, 3rd line from the bottom should read: "• when [A] << Kco, J = jmax[A]/(Kco)"
  • Page 411 equation 11.4 should be to the (1/2) power not squared.

End of Chapter Questions

  • Exercise 2.25 refers to the exercise 2.24 when it should refer to the resources section.
  • E 3.21 the units on the entropy row of the table is messed up.  The units should be J/mol/K.
  • E 5.18  The product of the reaction should be CH3CH(OH)CO2- there's an extra H in the book.
  • E 5.21  It appears the reaction in the question should be 2fd(red) + NADP+ + H+ → 2fd(ox) + NADPH.  The text has an extra H+ on the reactant side. 
  • E 6.35 the correct k(19˚C) = 1.78 x 10-4 M-1s-1 not 1.78 x 104 M-1s-1
  • E 11.20 the second '(41)' Miller index should have a negative 1 for the 1 (1 with a bar over it).

Answers to self-tests

  • ST1.7: should be -968 kJ/mole glycine

Answers at end of book

  • E1.17 should be -8.0 J
  • E1.39 answers a & b for some other problem.  Answer c) is for b) and d) is for c).  a) is -1401.5 kJ/mole diglycine (as written).
  • E3.21 For the 5 member chain listed the proper answer appears to be:ΔG = -3.2 kJ/mol; ΔH = -77.3 kJ/mol; ΔS = -245.3 J/mol/K
    The melting temperature is OK assuming the same sodium phosphate solution as in the example.
  • E4.51biv The answer ignores the fact that carbonic acid does not completely give up its first proton at pH 7.4. It is only about 91% deproptonated. A better answer is 0.78 mol CO2/mol Hb. The model is very simplistic, so this isn't correct either.
  • E7.27a the answer should be 0.018 not 0.18.
  • E8.27 a) 9.6 x 102 s = 16 min  b) 27 hrs   c) 30 yrs
  • E9.23 b) 4.98 x 1014 s-1

Errors in Figures

  • Figure 4.13 in the bottom row of the figure the ATP → ADP should be ADP → ATP as the phosphate group is released from 1,3-biphosphoglycerate.

Errors in the Resource Section

  • Entry for HN3(g) is labeled as NH3(g)