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Getting Jmol
Jmol is Java software.  In order to use it you must have a recent version of Java installed on your computer.  If you do it will run under most flavors of *nix (MacOS included) and Windows.  There are two versions of the program.  The applet is what is used within Java capable web browsers.  The applet is downloaded when needed by the browser and has no access to your computer hard disk.  The applet is meant to view molecular structures and replace the Chime plugin, which has not been updated and does not work in many browsers.  The full application version must be downloaded to your computer by you and runs as a stand alone application. The application is a replacement for the molecular viewing application Rasmol, which needed to be written specifically for each computer OS and CPU type.

You can get the latest version at the Jmol web site.
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