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AX5, AX4E, AX3E2 and AX2E3 Configurations
Molecules in this category may have three, four, five or six atoms.  The configuration is specified as AX5 for the case with six total atoms and AX4E for the case with five atoms, AX3E2 for the case with four and AX2E3 for the case with three.  Remeber the "E" represents electron groups that are not involved in bonding, the "X" atoms around the central atom and the "A" is the central atom.  Molecules of the type AX5 are trigonal bipyramidal, molecules of the type AX4E  are seesaw, molecules of the type AX3E2 are T-shaped, and molecules of the type AX2E3 are linear.
Example AX5 Molecules (Trigonal Bipyramidal)
FormulaLewis StructureLive 3-D viewDownload for Jmol/Rasmol
PCl5 PCl5.pdb
PF5 PF5.pdb

Example AX4E Molecules (Seesaw)
FormulaLewis StructureLive 3-D viewDownload for Jmol/Rasmol
SF4 SF4.pdb
ClF4+ ClF4(plus1).pdb

Example AX3E2 (T-shaped)
FormulaLewis StructureLive 3-D viewDownload for Jmol/Rasmol
ClF3 ClF3.pdb

Example AX2E3 (Linear)
FormulaLewis StructureLive 3-D viewDownload for Jmol/Rasmol
XeF2 XeF2.pdb
Molecular Viewer Instructions
Brief Instructions for Molecular Viewer
(The Open Source Applet JSmol/Jmol)

When you select a molecule you will see a rotating image of the molecule displayed above using the Jmol/JSmol applet.
Rotate the molecule Hold down the mouse button and drag the cursor over the image.
Zoom the view Hold down the shift key and the mouse button while dragging up or down over the image
Start/stop automatic spin Right-click over the image and select "on" or "off" from the "Spin" submenu. On a single button mouse try holding the <option>, <ctrl> or <cmd> keys down while holding the mouse button.

Additional instructions for the viewer.

If your browser is not Javascript capable you can still download the molecule files readable by Jmol by clicking on the link and then use Jmol to view the files.  See the tutorial introduction for more information.
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