Portable Network Graphics

Code name: png

Marvin is able to export PNG image files. The PngExport module recognizes the common image export options, and the following special options:

b... Bits/pixel, 24 (RGB) or 32 (ARGB). Default: 24
Z... Compression level (0-9). Default: 9
png Default settings: 200x200 pixels, white background (or black in 3D), maximum compression.
png:w100,b32,#ffffff00 100x100 PNG with yellow background, alpha channel is encoded.


Copyright © ChemAxon Ltd.

PngExport uses PNG encoder by J. David Eisenberg. You can freely modify and recompile the source of this module, then replace the binary class file in Marvin with your own version, according to the requirements of the GNU Lesser General Public License.