Image export in Marvin

Marvin is able to export bitmap image files like JPEG, PNG, PPM and SVG vector graphics files. Restrictions:

  1. These are binary file formats, so the applet.getMol(...) function does not work.
  2. The molecule.toFormat(...) function do not work, use molecule.toBinFormat(...) instead.
  3. Command line creation of image files using MolConverter works only in Java 1.2 or later JVMs
Image export options are separated by colons in format descriptor strings.
The following common options are recognized by all image export modules:
a or +a Aromatize.
-a Dearomatize.
H or +H Add explicit Hydrogen atoms. Example: "mol:H"
-H Remove explicit Hydrogen atoms. Example: "mol:-H"
H_off Do not show implicit Hydrogen labels.
H_hetero Implicit Hydrogen labels on heteroatoms only.
H_heteroterm Implicit Hydrogen labels on hetero- and terminal atoms (default).
H_all Implicit Hydrogen labels on all atoms.
Image width and height in pixels. If only one from w and h is specified, then the other will have the same value. If none of them is specified, then their values are calculated from scale. If scale is not specified, then the default size is 200x200.
scale... Magnification. 1.54Å (C-C bond length) is scale pixels.
atsiz... Atom label font size in C-C bond length units. Default: 0.4
atsiz*1.54 Å = atsiz*scale points
bondw... Width of double bond in C-C bond length units. Default: 0.18
bondw*1.54 Å = bondw*scale pixels
#rrggbb Background color. Default: "#ffffff"
#aarrggbb Background color with alpha value. Default: "#ffffffff"
mono Black & white.
cpk Use CPK colors (default).
shapely Use the shapely color scheme.
group Coloring based on residue sequence numbers.
atomset Atom set colors.
wireframe Wireframe rendering style (default for 2D).
wireknobs Wireframe with knobs.
ballstick "Ball & stick" rendering style (default for 3D).
spacefill Spacefill rendering style.
noantialias Switch off antialiasing.
2D defaults: H_heteroterm,w200,h200,#ffffffff,cpk,wireframe

3D defaults: H_heteroterm,w200,h200,#ff000000,cpk,ballstick


jpeg Default settings: 200x200 pixels, white background (or black in 3D).
jpeg:w100,#ffff00 100x100 JPEG with yellow background.
jpeg:w100,h150 100x150 JPEG with default background.