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Administrative Links
*Syllabi: Lecture, Lab (.pdf)
*Instructor Office Hours
*Homework (lec and lab) lock
    (This includes most handouts)
*Answer Keys (lec and lab) lock
General Study Aids
How to Study Hints and Information
*What learning style do you prefer?
*How to study for college science classes.
*How to prepare for science tests.
Lab Study Aids
*Grading Sheet for formal reports
*Example formal report lock
Web Readings for Lecture
*Readings on Joule and Thomson
  -Weisstein biographies
  -"Electromagnetic Personalities"
  -Joule's paddlewheel apparatus

Web Readings for Lab
*How Instruments Work.
  -Vacuum Pumps

  -Pressure Gauges
    --Capacitance Manometer
  -Temperature Sensor(s)
  -Analog-to-Digital Converter
  -Abbe Refractometer
Other Useful or Interesting Links
Searching the World Wide Web
*Fun Stuff
Periodic Tables
*Pictorial Periodic Table
Information on Properties of Substances
*Material Safety Data Sheets
*NIST Database of Spectral and Physical Properties
*What's that Stuff?
Chemistry Organizations
*American Chemical Society (ACS)
*North East Wisconsin ACS
Chemistry Journals
*ACS Journals
*Chemical Abstracts Online
    --Summary how to use CASOnline

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