This set of web site is intended help you learn to estimate the shape of a molecule once you have determined the molecule's Lewis Structures.  The model used is often called the VSEPR (Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion) model and descriptions of it may be found in almost all introductory chemistry texts.

Software Requirements
This Site is most effective if you are using a web browser which is Java capable.  Most recent browsers (Firefox, SeaMonkey, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and OmniWeb) work.  However, on Windows machines FireFox/SeaMonkey/Mozilla work best and on Macintoshes Firefox/Safari/SeaMonkey work best.  If you do not have a Java capable browser you may download the 3-D molecular images (*.pdb files) and use the either the free program Rasmol or Jmol (Jmol requires Java to be installed on your machine) to view them