Laboratory Report Cover Sheet
Student: ____________________________
Course: _____________________________ Semester/Year: __________

Skill Level Indicators
N Novice: requires explicit guidance of instructor
I Intermediate: performs with minimal guidance
A Advanced: exhibits independence; may modify protocols to new conditions, instruct others
ne No Expectation in this area

Performance of experiment N I A
____ Follow experimental protocols (N needs list of steps to follow; I plans steps from a general description; A uses the literature to develop procedure)

Laboratory Notebooks N I A ____ / 5
____ Record data accurately (I numbers recorded; A additional observations)
____ Record procedures followed (N none; I minimal; A work could be reproduced from notes)

Laboratory Report N I A ____ / 10
____ Spelling/grammar - tense, voice
____ Organize material into standard sections
____ Abstract: system studied; method used; important results (-1 if absent, no other deductions)
____ Introduction: what experiment will tell us; balanced equations for chemical reactions
____ Experimental: reagents; equipment; procedures followed (N only refers to text)
____ Results: data is complete; displayed as table or graph when appropriate
____ Discussion: significance of experiment, comparison to literature, answers to questions
____ References: complete; correct format

Data Analysis and Interpretation N I A ____ / 6
____ Performs algebraic calculations: includes equations, units, sample calculations
____ Graphs data (N simple graph, I regression/curve fitting)
____ Uses computer simulations/molecular modeling

Assess reliability of results N I A ____ / 4
____ Estimates error in measurements (N gives sources of error, I propagates errors--
includes equations, sample calculations)
____ Significant digits

Literature Search N I A _____ / 2
____ Finds appropriate references (provide abstract)
____ Compares literature results with own