Research Interests:

I am studying molecular monolayers. My research concerns two distinct types of monolayers, Langmuir films at the air/water interface and self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on solid substrates. The amphiphile molecules, which form the Langmuir films, are closely related to soap molecules and the phospholipids that form biomembranes. I am trying to learn the details of how these systems work. I am studying the intermolecular interactions, which determine the behavior of the molecules in the monolayers, using a combination of pressure-area isotherm measurements and infrared spectroscopy of the monolayers. The self-assembled monolayers are systems where a monolayer coating forms spontaneously on a surface when the surface is dipped in a solution of the appropriate molecules. Presently only two systems are known to produce robust SAMs: thiols on gold, silver or copper and trichlorosilanes on hydroxylated oxides. Both these systems have been shown to protect the surfaces and allow for exquisite control of the chemical species exposed on the outer surface. My research group has developed an additional SAM forming system. We are investigating physical and chemical methods of surface preparation and variations in the SAM growing conditions. The SAMs and surfaces are monitored with techniques such as contact angle measurements, infrared spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, and quartz crystal microbalance measurements.

Professional Experience:

2001-present        Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh.
l995-2001             Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh.
1993-1995            Visiting Professor , University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.
1991-1993             Postdoctoral Researcher, Columbia University.


1985-1991               Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, Stanford University.
1981-1985               A.B. in Chemistry, Summa cum laude, Princeton University.

Professional Organization Memberships:

American Chemical Society           American Physical Society                  Sigma Xi                  CUR

Funded Grants:

External grants from: The National Science Foundation (NSF), ACS-Petroleum Research Fund, Research Corporation, The American Physical Society.
Internal UWO grants: Many Student-Faculty Collaborative grants and multiple Faculty Development grants.

Selected Publications/Presentations:

*= UW Oshkosh Undergraduate Coauthor
  1. J. Seefeldt* and J. H. Gutow "Kinetics of Solvent Association with Surfaces Investigated Using IR Spectroscopy" Presented as Sci-Mix Poster and a Physical Chemistry Poster at the Spring 2005 American Chemical Society Meeting.
  2.  J. H. Gutow “Halide (Cl-) Quenching of Quinine Sulfate Fluorescence: a Time-Resolved Fluorescence Experiment for Physical Chemistry”  Journal of Chemical Education 82(2), 2005, Pp. 302-305.
  3. R. J. Kleisner*, B. H. Koeck*, M. R. Phillips*, J. A. Wieland*, J. H. Gutow, V. Boiadjiev and W. T. Tysoe. "A System Based on Metal Alkyl Species that Forms Chemically Bound Organic Overlayers on Hydroxylated Planar Surfaces." Thin Solid Films 381(1), 2001, P.10.
  4. V. Boiadjiev, A. Blumenfeld, J. Gutow and W. T. Tysoe. "Infrared and NMR Spectroscopic Studies of n-Alkanethiols Chemically Grafted on Dimethylzinc-Modified Silica Surfaces." Chem. Mater. 12(9), 2000, P. 2604.
  5. D. Zhang, J. H. Gutow, K. B. Eisenthal "Structural phase transitions of small molecules at air/water interfaces." J. Chem. Soc. Farad. Trans. 92(4), 1996, P. 539.
  6. D. Zhang, J. Gutow, K. B. Eisenthal "Vibrational spectra, Orientations, and Phase Transitions in Long-Chain Amphiphiles at the Air/Water Interface: Probing the Head and Tail Groups by Sum Frequency Generation" J. Phys. Chem. 98(51), 1994, P. 13729.
  7. K. B. Eisenthal, J. H. Gutow "Second Harmonic and Sum Frequency Studies of Chemical Equilibria and Phase Transitions at Liquid Interfaces."Jerusalem Symp. 26. 1994.
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