Tutoring Paid for by UW Oshkosh
The Chemistry Department and the Center for Academic Resources (CAR) pay to have some upper level students available to tutor students in general chemistry. You will need to e-mail these tutors to arrange times to meet. opens in new window Click here for the list of tutors and their email addresses.

Volunteer Tutors from the UWO Chemistry Club
Members of the UWO Chemistry club are volunteering their time two evenings per week to provide tutoring.   The tutors are students who are majoring in chemistry.  The tutoring is Mondays 4:00pm - 6:00pm and on Wednesdays 6:00pm - 8:00pm in the chemistry conference room, HS-436. If for any reason the conference room is not available at those times, an alternative room will be posted on the chemclub website. www.uwosh.edu/chemclub

Private tutors you can pay
If you can pay for a private tutor there are a few upper level students who are willing to do private tutoring for pay.  You may contact these students by e-mail to make arrangements.  They are:
Sarah Schettle Schets64@uwosh.edu
Ksenia Vanlaarhoven Vanlak80@uwosh.edu
Cole Anholzer Anholc53@uwosh.edu
Joseph Seidl Seidlj05@uwosh.edu
Catherine Polster Polstc66@uwosh.edu
Last Update: 2/12/07