Chemistry 105 Sample Exams
All the files below are .pdf documents so clicking on the links will download files to open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
These exams are from previous years.  They will give you an idea of exam length and format, but things covered for each exam are not exactly the same as in previous years.
Sample Exam 1 Cover Sheet
Sample Exam 1
Sample Exam 1 Answer Key
Notes on sample exam 1:  We did not cover the mathematical model for calculating the size of the Doppler shift, the energy content of  a photon or the wavelength of light from black-body radiation.  There are questions on all of these things in the sample exam.
Sample Exam 2 Cover Sheet
Sample Exam 2
Sample Exam 2 Answer Key
Notes on sample exam 2: The energy content of a photon which is in sample exam 1 is material covered for exam 2 this semester.  Things in sample exam 2 that will not be on exam 2 are percent yield and limiting reagent questions.
Sample Exam 3 Cover Sheet
Sample Exam 3 Answer Key
Notes on sample exam 3: Percent yield and limiting reagent are included in sample exam 2, but will be on exam 3 this semester.  The molecular orbital material in questions 24 and 25 of the sample exam will not be on exam 3.
Sample Exam 4 Cover Sheet
Sample  Exam 4
Sample Exam 4 Answer Key
Notes on sample exam 4:  The molecular orbital material (question 4) was not covered this semester.
Sample Exam 5 Cover Sheet
Sample Exam 5
Sample Exam 5 Answer Key
Notes on sample exam 5:
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