Student Clicker Registration Instructions
Class Key:  L27534B356
Before you Connect you Must Have:
Now you are Ready to Connect to CPSOnline!
1. Turn on your computer.
2. Connect to the Internet.
3. Enteropens in new into the location or address box and press the Enter key.
4. Click on the Students button at the top of the window.
5. Select your school or university from the drop-down menu, as specified by your instructor.
6. Click Choose Course.
7. Enter the class key (provided by your instructor) into the Class Key box.
8. Enter the response pad's serial number in the Serial Number box. The serial number is printed on the back of the response pad or under the pad's battery cover.
9. Enter the enrollment/coupon code into the code field (These will be handed out the first day of class). If you do not have an enrollment/coupon code you will need to choose 'I do not have a code' then continue through the registration process. You will be able to purchase access using a credit card or personal check. Do not type a username and password yet.
*****NOTE: This is the only time you will need the class key and enrollment/coupon code. After enrolling, you will need only your username and password.
10. Click Join the Class.
Enrolling in your Class
11. After clicking Join the Class, you will need to enter a username, password, first name, and last name. Choose a username and password that you can easily remember and that other people are not likely to guess. A phone number and student ID are not required unless specified by your instructor. Information you provide is available only to your instructor. You will receive a reminder message via the email address you provide from CPSOnline about your username, password, and assigned response pad number.
12. Click Finish. You may now be presented with the following options: access for this class only, access to all classes for a semester, two year subscription, lifetime subscription. 
13. Choose the option that best fits you and continue through the payment process. 
14. Click Enter on the page that confirms that you are now a member of the class and reminds you of your username, password, and assigned response pad number for the class.
15. To join an additional CPSOnline class, click on the enroll in a class button from the Main Menu. From that page, enter the other class's class key (as provided by the instructor). You can purchase access for any additional classes or use a coupon code or enrollment code.
16. Once you have finished enrolling in all of your classes, click Log Out. For CPSOnline to properly record your information it is important that you log out of CPSOnline (as opposed to simply closing the window).

1. Take the batteries out of the pad(s).
2. Press any answer key on the pad(s) and hold it down for approximately 10 seconds. 
3. Replace the batteries and try the pad(s) again.

If you have any questions about CPSOnline, log ontoOpens in new, and use the Customer Support menu option. From the Tech Support page, go to the bottom and type in your name to enter the live Text Chat room for immediate help.
Last Update: 1/28/2007