And the Winners Are!!!

The goal of this contest was to formulate the toughest concrete from cement, sand gravel and other ingredients.  Below are the winning groups in each of the four laboratory sections this Spring 2002.
Lab Section 1, 8:00 A Mondays:  The winning team from left to right was Elizabeth Woodworth, Allison Tradewell and MaiVue Yang.
Lab Section 2, 9:10 A Fridays: The winning team  from left to right was Monica Jeherlehner, Jackie Marshall, Jake Kunes and Tom Mutsch.
Lab Section 3, 1:50 P Mondays:  The winning team was Luke Morack, Cliff Radtke (not pictured) and Jake Misiak (not pictured).
Lab Section 4, 1:20 P Thursdays:  The winning team from left to right was  Jeff Hermsen, Joe Felt and Erika Engel.