Chemistry 103 Extra Credit

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All students are required to sign up for the class e-mail discussion group by by September 19, 2003. Two (2) points of extra credit, towards a maximum of 24 points extra credit, will be given for each question related to the course or answer to a question which is submitted. To get credit your submission must come from from the account you signed up for the list from. If you make a submission from another account, you will have to turn in a hard copy with your student ID number on it to receive credit.

Earth Charter Summit ActivitiesUp to seven (7) points of extra credit will be available for attending an activity, talk or visiting an exhibit and turning in a one-half to one page essay describing what you learned. The essay will be graded for clarity and grammar. Activities start Saturday, October 11, 2003 and stop on Saturday, October 17, 2003. Any extra credit essays are due by Friday, October 24, 2003.

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